Spy Pen Camera In Delhi

We Active India Digital Products deals in spy pen camera in India. Spy pen camera looks like a normal writing ball pen. Spy pen camera is used for taking pictures and recording audio or video files. It has speaker and microphone inside it. Spy pen camera is the smallest camera by look wise but it plays a vital role in our life for security purpose. We have also product like Wi-Fi spy pen camera in Delhi. Wi-Fi spy camera gave us high quality audio and video. This cam mainly used by the consumer market. It uses lack of wiring for install Wi-Fi spy cam in house or any building. Digital wireless cameras typically have a range between 250 and 450 feet. Indoor range will be limited to 100 to 120 feet.

Spy pen cam are used for both office and business use. Spy pen camera is easy to use and carried along throughout the day and also lighter in weight. It can also be used in schools or colleges. Spy pen camera does not have any internal memory, so you have to insert micro SD-card for recording any activity. The fascinating pen has a special slot for your memory card. It supports only 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB micro-SD card. Spy pen cam is the best hidden or tiny product which is not in the knowledge of others

How to useful pen camera for sting operation?

You need some evidence to prove crime against anyone. Then we can use wireless mini pen camera for sting operation.
If anybody harassing you whether in bus or school and anywhere else, the Spy pen camera will allow you to catch them in the act and you can show his recorded activity to anybody.
Hidden pen camera in Delhi is supplied or manufactures by Active India Digital Products. Hidden pen cameras can also be known as the sting operation devices because this device helps to capture anybody’s activities without his knowledge. This camera has storage for hours of recording time. Using hidden pen cam we can transfer our files to the pc via USB. It can record 75 minutes videos on a single charge and 40 hours of audio.

How can operate the Digital pen camera?

Digital pen camera is a miniature version in electronic gadgets. It has tiny viewing lens through which we can record audio or video files. You just have to press a button to record a video or audio file or to take a picture. It is the two way communication between the camera and the receiver.

Where can I buy cheap price pen spy cameras in India?

Users can buy pen spy cameras online or offline.
Spy pen camera online deals with huge discounts and many offers. So user can buy pen spy camera on cheap price here. One can buy video recording pen in Delhi India.
Active India Digital Products has cheap price spy gadgets store in New Delhi.

Why we buy online HD Spy pen camera from Active India Digital Products?

Customer can buy HD Spy pen camera online shopping from Active India Digital Products through online. Customer can also purchase our products from our spy gadgets shop in Delhi. If customer is facing problem to install our product, then our technical team will resolve their problem through our live chat option. Active India Digital Products have spy pen camera dealer in India. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers through our products or services. We are famous for our brand and services providing to the customers.